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Der reiche Ebenezer Scrooge ist hartherzig, geizig und freudlos - selbst an Weihnachten. Eine mysteriöse Begegnung mit den Geistern der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft verwandelt sein Gemüt und macht ihn zum gütigen Menschenfreund.


Mit: Brian D. Barnes - OneManTheatre


Possibly some people who were in the audience for Brian’s very first Altstadt performance of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol are, thirty-five years later, not only parents but even grandparents of some of the younger members of his 2010 audience.


Of all Dickens’s fiction, this tale is probably the most popular. The name Scrooge has become synonymous for all mean, grasping misers. At the outset he is painted as merciless as the nastiest weather, but his vicious characteristics gradually melt away and he becomes undoubtedly one of the author´s best- developed character portrayals. The story is a mixture of the sentimental and the supernatural, a blend of jollity and melodrama, all expressing Dickens´s sense of the rights and wrongs of Victorian society.


This text follows closely the version Dickens himself condensed for his own readings. It is published with Brian’s annotations by the Klett Verlag and copies for advance study preparation can be bought from the Altstadt office.