Camping Equipment - Sziget 2018 - Camping Set Deluxe Tickets - Budapest, Obudai Island

Mittwoch, den 08. August 2018
Beginn: 08:00 Uhr
1033 Budapest
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Veranstalter: Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Kft. (Kontakt)

- Das Camping Set Deluxe enthält ein Zelt für 2 Personen, eine Doppel-Luftmatratze für 2 Personen, eine LED Lampe und einen Premium Schlafsack.
- Wer das Zelt bis 10 Uhr morgens am letzten Tag zurückbringt, erhält 20 € zurück

The ticket holder agrees to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Sziget Cultural Management Ltd, the Festival Visitor Policy and, in case of purchasing an additional product or service, the general terms and conditions of the additional product or service, all available at
ab 134,00 EUR
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Sziget Camping Set Deluxe (with 20 EUR onspot resell option)
Don't hassle with bringing your own tent and camping equipment, just collect it on the spot and enjoy!

- Deluxe tent (2,5 times more water resistant and 30% bigger than the basic camping set)
- double airbed comfortable for two persons
- 1 premium sleeping bag
- 1 LED light

20 EUR refund if you return your tent at the end of the festival
Early exchange possibility with Moving-in 3-Day Pass or Moving-in Tuesday Ticket.

Gültig: von 8. August 2018 06:00 bis 15. August 2018 08:00

Possibility to return the set to the exchange point and get back 20€ (of course you can also keep it, if you fall in love with it).

(Info-Sheet zum Download)

Obudai Island, Budapest