Bild: Julius Caesar - Castle Tour - American Drama Group EuropeBild: Julius Caesar - Castle Tour - American Drama Group Europe
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Information zur Veranstaltung

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Paul Stebbings
Musical score by Helen Beauchamp
Producer Grantly Marshall

Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR is the greatest political thriller ever written. The play itself has almost overwhelmed the historical story, so the murder of Caesar is possibly the most famous crime in history.Or is it a crime?

That is the central issue:
Is the murder of a tyrant justified, but then is Caesar a tyrant or about to become a tyrant? Once Caesar is killed democracy is overwhelmed by populism and corruption which eat away at noble aims until Brutus and Cassius kill themselves. The violence of the "Liberators" rebounds upon themselves, watched over by the ghost of the great man they murdered in the name of justice.

In a world of Trump, Brexit and the rise of the populist Right this is the classical play for our time. But it is also an action packed thriller that moves with breathless pace as the audience is propelled from ancient Rome to the battlefield of Philippi and the mob is manipulated by emotion and fine words to turn from decent citizens to bestial killers. 

"I never knew Shakespeare could be so entertaining." CNN TV.

"Stebbings' production stays close to Shakespeare and demonstrates that this is the
classical play for our troubled political times." Münchner Merkur.

" of the most interesting developments on the current theatrical scene" The Guardian.