Das ENGLISCHE Kriminal Dinner - Krimidinner mit Kitzel für Nerven und Gaumen Tickets - München, Restaurant Alter Hof

Mittwoch, den 20. Dezember 2017
Beginn: 19:00 Uhr
Alter Hof 3,
80331 München
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ab 79,00 EUR
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Bild: Das Kriminal Dinner
Das Krimidinner ‘Mysteries from the Grave‘ – das ist ein köstliches 3-Gänge-Menü in stilvollem Ambiente umrahmt von einem spannenden Kriminalfall auf Englisch, das im Restaurant Alter Hof in München stattfinden wird.


'Mysteries From The Grave'

Whatever you wanted find out about your future … everything will be revealed that night!

Madame Anais, the famous London medium believes that she can see into everyone’s future. She will help you with all your questions. However, you will have to deal with the consequences on your own.

A pretty colourful group of people is gathered at Madame Anais’ house and each one of them is keen to discover the dark secrets the others are hiding.

Suddenly, there are not only a famous actress, her daughter, a shady member of Parliament, a gigolo, a painter and many more sitting at the table – but death itself is visiting.

Your help is needed to unveil the truth behind the scandalous pasts of the attendants and to prevent more murders.

Das 3-Gänge-Menü wird serviert vom Gastroteam des Restaurant Alter Hof. Ab 19 Uhr wird das Krimi Dinner eröffnet, das Kitzel für Nerven und Gaumen garantieren wird. Einlass ist um 18:30 Uhr.

Restaurant Alter Hof, München