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Formed to burst out heavy tunes in 2003. Shaped over the years to create bombastic heartbreaking melodies with catchy indie rock riffs and tender vocals.

EF have been around for almost 15 years now and with four full length albums and three EPs and 100s of shows around Europe, Russia and Asia they have become a legendary band on the overgrown post rock scene but still with their feets in the DIY scene. Releasing albums on both Pelagic Records (The Ocean, Mono, Cult of Luna) and Kapitän Platte (Immanu El, The Hirsch Effekt) they seem to have found fans both among the metal heads and the indie rockers.

It’s not often nowadays but during 2018 the band will do a few but well selected shows and festivals. Will there be new music? Yes. How will it sound? Only EF knows but You will be pleased.