Elsiane Tickets - Berlin, Urban Spree

Mittwoch, den 28. November 2018
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Revaler Straße 99,
10245 Berlin
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ab 13,65 EUR
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Bild: Elsiane
ELSIANE was formed in the year 2000, when singer/musician/composer Elsieanne Caplette met drummer Stephane Sotto in his hometown of Montreal. Their instant rapport belied musical and cultural backgrounds which couldn’t have been more different: Sotto, a gifted drummer, was self-taught and instinctive, where Caplette’s multi-instrumentalism and extraordinary keening voice emerged from a classical training in Lima, Peru. Yet for all their divergent experience, the pair’s shared sensibility was undeniable, with common influences passing through jazz, rock, electronic and world music, with an intriguing nod to the Trip Hop of Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky—influences which, while pleasingly evident in the ethereal beauty of the music they continue to make together, would be constituted in an entirely unique way.

In early 2017, that studio work will see light in the form of their most ambitious and eagerly awaited works to date: a third album, Death of the Artist.

SANTANA is the Frontman (Singer & Guitarist) from the psychedelic rock band REDLAKE CIRCUS, whose theatrical performances have been igniting stages worldwide, becoming rapidly a must seen live act. He will be joined on stage by the very talented singer ONA TZAR.

Santana has been well known by his unique psychedelic style of playing guitar; from the mix of groovy Hard Rock riffs, smooth Blues licks & mystic oriental atmospheres, creating hypnotic melodies that will take you into a mind-traveling experience.

" Santana's guitar sound will take you into a journey in time & space, a blend of Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd "
- Urban Cultures , NY, USA

" Mind Blowing Performance "
- Newcomer Szene, Berlin, Germany