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Bild: FistulaBild: Fistula
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Ohio’s FISTULA was formed in 1998 by musical partners in crime Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Over the years, FISTULA has released a seemingly endless barrage of studio albums and split EPs through numerous lineup changes featuring the creative talents of bands such as -16-, SLOTH, HEMDALE, THE DISEASE CONCEPT & ACCEPT DEATH to name a few. FISTULA is a band that is impossible to categorize, combining elements of remedial sludge, hardcore and a ‘Bad Case of the Mondays’, FISTULA remain the kings of doomed out miserycore. 

2015 sees the band at it’s creative peak, headlining the Het Patronaat stage at ROADBURN FESTIVAL and recording two new studio albums ‘Longing For Infection’ & ‘The Shape Of Doom To Cum’ to be released Spring of 2016. FISTULA will return to Europe with ACCEPT DEATH bringing the ultimate onslaught of pure, unbridled hatred and negativity.

“Seething with the kind of undiluted hatred and pure, unabashed negativity that would likely destroy most other bands, Fistula are undoubtedly one of the finest sludge bands to walk the planet – and if that sounds like hyperbole, you evidently haven’t been paying enough attention over the past fifteen plus years. Whilst they may not exactly be a household name, mention them to any serious sludge fan and watch as their eyes roll back into their skull and globules of drool begin to drip from the sides of their mouth as they extend a claw to the sky and proclaim “dude, that band is fuckin’heavy!” Ever since dropping their crushing debut ‘Hymns Of Slumber’ back in 2001, Fistula have carved out their own uniquely nasty place in the world of sludge over the course of five bowel shaking albums, numerous EPs and splits with the likes of Sloth, Coffinworm, Monkeypriest and dot(.), to name but a few.” - Kez Whelan/TERRORIZER! Magazine

“Unpleasant, ugly, vile, and grim with the viciousness of a cinder block to the teeth. That's one way you could encapsulate the skin peeling filth that Akron, OH's Fistula churn out.
Not content to take a break from their last masterstroke Vermin Prolificus, the band is at it again with their latest Destitute demo release. If you're unfamiliar with the workings of Fistula and the opening sentence doesn't somehow summarize what you need to know, Fistula fuse the darkest elements of sludge and hardcore-punk that harkens to the video nasty-era in sound and feel.” - Chris Luedtke/Metalinjection.net