Harbour Tour XXL - ENGLISH guided - 2 hours tour in the harbour of Hamburg Tickets - Hamburg, HH Überseebrücke / Near Cap San Diego

Sonntag, den 28. Oktober 2018
Beginn: 11:00 Uhr
20459 Hamburg
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Veranstalter: BARKASSEN-MEYER Touristik GmbH & Co. KG (Kontakt)

ab 25,00 EUR und Ermäßigungen
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Bild: Harbour Tour XXL
In contrast to the usual one hour tour we will show you the real size of Hamburg Harbour. You will be suprised!
You will get an excellent overview of Hamburg as a city of trade, of its structures and its strengths. During this extended cruise you will of course have the highlights of the one hour tour. In addition you will see several container-, multi-purpose and cruise ship terminals, as well as those new living quarters and city parts that keep constantly developing along the river elbe.
Qualified EXPLANATION IN GERMAN AND ENGLISH include information about current figures for cargo handling, ship sizes and types, shipyards and new harbour development projects.

Schedule: April to October – Friday to Sunday 11 am