I am not a joke (Take Two) Tickets - Berlin, English Theatre Berlin

Donnerstag, den 01. März 2018
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Fidicinstraße 40,
10965 Berlin
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I am not a joke (Take Two)

Bild: I am not a joke (Take Two)
Feminism has never been so hip and trendy! We could see this as a true victory for feminism and still post a “I’m a feminist” selfie real quick. Let’s be honest. This kind of “high gloss feminism” doesn’t cover up the smell of the shit we encounter every day in the form of sexism, racism and every other kind of possible phobia. Accompanied by a guitar, a synthesizer and drum machine, The Kill Joys sing, scream and perform against daily discriminations and the patriarchy. I Am Not A Joke (Take Two) is an appeal against this shit while simultaneously questioning the consumability of feminism.

English Theatre Berlin, Berlin