KRASHKARMA Tickets - Balingen, Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen.

Freitag, den 15. September 2017
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Viehmarktplatz 8,
72336 Balingen
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ab 8,20 EUR
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Energy and passion meet explosive guitar riffs – with their debut album, “Straight To The Blood”, KRASHKARMA from Los Angeles have quickly risen through the ranks establishing themselves as one of the hottest touring acts. Receiving broad international success, Ralf Dietel (vocals, guitars) and Niki Skistimas (vocals, drums) are radiating waves of excitement – especially in Germany and the surrounding countries. Bleeding guitars, crushing rhythms and choruses that go straight for the throat fuse together creating an adrenaline-driven show that lies somewhere between heaven and hell. It’s these same elements that earned them the ROCK CITY NEWS AWARD for “Best independent touring band”. After their debut album in 2011 and extensive touring throughout the US, Europe – even gracing the metal scene in Morocco, Africa – they stand, poised to strike – ready to tear down new borders with their second album “Paint The Devil”. Ten years ago, German native, Ralf Dietel, took a plane to the United States to shape his vision of the perfect high energy song into an international context. The new material, recorded in Los Angeles and mixed in Berlin – embodies elements of the 2 cities that have so heavily influenced the band’s history. Drawing their intensive strength from generations of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative and Punk bands, fans of heavy guitar-driven music continue to be impressed and excited by their unique style. The commanding sound that is carried by Ralf’s urgent shouts and Niki’s soothing but sinful voice, deliver an urgency that doesn’t seem to fit into any pre-existing genres. The broad spectrum of media coverage and the consistently euphoric reviews underline that KRASHKARMA not only have conquered the scene of heavy music for themselves, but also have what it takes to become megastars in the rock’n’roll circus.

Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen., Balingen