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Der Bloc Party Sänger Solo!
Holy Ghost aus Brooklyn, NY
Kele + Holy Ghost

Kele, Bloc Party Sänger auf Solopfaden, kommt endlich nach Deutschland auf Solotour. "The boxer" heißt das elektronische Album, das er auf Tour präsentiert. The Guardian schreibt über den charismatischen Sänger:

"Kele Okereke's first solo album begins with a blaring, fuzzy off-beat and the Bloc Party singer starting a military calling cadence: "I don't what you been told/ But this don't stand/ Walk tall, walk tall." We're certainly not in the Kansas of Silent Alarm any more. But then, often at Okereke's behest, Bloc Party had evolved into a quasi-electronic act even before the release of 2008's Intimacy – so the shift to a solo album that takes in sounds more usually found between stations on London's FM radios than on XFM isn't much of a surprise. In fact it's not even that much of a departure: the running guitar lines of Unholy Thoughts are close to something Russell Lissack might conjure up, and Yesterday's Gone is a Kele ballad from the same postcode as So Here We Are. It not quite the leap that tracks such as the sample-heavy, voice-changing twostep of On the Lam would suggest. It's a convergence that really works though, with Kele mixing the adventurous side electronic music enables him to embrace with the conservatism borne of years in a guitar band. A really solid debut."
The Guardian