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Die Eberbacher Klosterarchitektur dokumentiert das eindrucksvolle Lebenswerk der Zisterziensermönche hier im Rheingau. Das Kloster ist sich seiner Wurzeln daher sehr bewusst und vermittelt diese Tradition auf eine neue Art: Mit dem Event "LUMOstory - Highlights der Geschichte". Eine spektakuläre Lichtshow in der Eberbacher Basilika, mit fesselnder Geschichte über den Lauf der Jahrhunderte bis hin zur Aufhebung des Klosters Eberbach im Jahre 1803.

The Middle Ages, the Peasants´ Wars, the turmoil of the Thirty Years´ War and the era of Napoleon, all of these events had their effects upon monastery life. Crimson light and the thunder of canons make us relive these terrible times. Bright light as well as targeted light beams evoke the founding years, which supposedly brought light into the dark tunnel of the Middle Ages. Music and verbal commentary complement this "spectacle of light."
The initial presentations in the past two years proved to be a public draw for the Foundation Eberbach Monastery and were sold out in advance. This year the LUMOstory will take place on October 8th in English and on October 9th and 10th in German. This is a result of the fact that the previous performances have shown that many foreign guests attended the light show. All three events will profit from the improved room acoustics as a result of the new seating arrangement.


Visitors are invited to enjoy a special evening which includes an interesting framework program attuned to the spectacle of light. The cloister doors will open at 6:00 p.m. so that the guests can stroll through the rooms and allow the atmosphere of the monastery walls to sink in. Guides will be available with their commentary. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. the well-known jazz and blues pianist Alexander von Wangenheim will play live in the cloister. While strolling through the monastery the guests will be able to enjoy wines from the Hessian State Wineries as well as small monastic-oriented snacks.

Entrance into the basilica begins at 7:45 p.m. The seats are numbered. At 8:00 p.m. while located in the basilica we will begin our travels through the centuries of the monastery´s existence with the use of light and shadow. As in past years the team "Jakob Veranstaltungstechnik" will be responsible for the technology.
"With these new and innovative events the Eberbach Monastery Foundation continues to fill all generations with enthusiasm for the former monastery, thereby maintaining and strengthening these old monastery walls," states Martin Blach, CEO of the Eberbach Monastery Foundation.

The event will take place even if it is raining. The basilica is not heated so please wear appropriate warm clothing.