Mason Finley (Band) & Fight the Fade Tickets - Balingen, Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen.

Freitag, den 28. September 2018
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Viehmarktplatz 8,
72336 Balingen
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Mason Finley (Band) & Fight the Fade

Bild: Mason Finley (Band) & Fight the Fade
What is Mason Finley?
Mason Bailey is a born and bred Nebraskan, who loves to play
guitar and sing his songs. With his shattered mind and his guitar he
is scavenging the Great Plains, hoping to find the right path to
choose for his life. In the midst of all that, Finley Harrison stepped
into his life.
There are a lot of rumours about Finley Harrison. People tell a lot of
stories about his background: Some say that he’s the son of rich
parents, who left his family to find a different meaning for his life
than just having a lot of money. Others say that he grew up alone
and abandoned in a trailer park outside of Kansas City.
On a cold and rainy night Finley was sitting all alone in a bar,
completely broke and forsaken. It was the night, when Mason
Bailey and his guitar set foot into that very same bar.
To make a long story short: On that cold and lonely night, two guys
with completely different backgrounds started their journey of
making music together.
Listen to the glorious midwest sounds of these two friends and you
will feel the freedom in music! This is Mason Finley!

Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen., Balingen