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Samstag, den 29. September 2018
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Viehmarktplatz 8,
72336 Balingen
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Bild: Rebellion
Heavy/Power Metal from Germany

After their breakup with Grave Digger Uwe Lulis and Tomi Göttlich decided to form a new Metalband with the name:„Rebellion“.
The first release was a concept album entitled „Shakespeare‘s Macbeth - A Tragedy in Steel“.
The Album was a great success and is a cult-album in Metal history. The band toured and played several headliner shows.
The second CD „Born a Rebel“ came out in 2003 and was followed by tours with Running Wild, U.D.O. and festivals all
around Europe in 2003 /2004.
With their third album, Rebellion started a trilogy about the Vikings and their Sagas. The first Viking-album was released in
2005 under the title: „Sagas of Iceland - The History of the Vikings – Volume I“.
Drummer Gerd Lücking joined the band, as former drummer Randy Black had to quit his job with Rebellion.
The band played a successful headliner-tour in Germany / Switzerland / Belgium, plus several festivals and headliner
single-shows. End of 2005, original member Björn Eilen was forced to leave the band due to health problems. Simone
Wenzel, one of the best female guitar-players in Germany, was found to take over his part.
In 2007 the band released the second part of the Viking-trilogy: „Miklagard – The History of the Vikings – Volume II“.
The band played festivals and headlinershows in 2007 / 2008. In 2009 they released the third Viking-album
„Arise – From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök – The History of the Vikings – Volume III“ on Massacre Records.

After Uwe Lulis, Gerd Lücking and Simone Wenzel left Rebellion in December 2010 Tomi and Michael decided to keep the band alive and find new musicians.
Oliver Geibig (guitar) and Matthias Karle (drums) joined the band in 2011.

The band played some shows in 2011 and 2012.
In October 2012 they released their new studio album "Arminius - Furor Teutonicus" via Massacre Records.

After presenting the new material at some live shows on tour and smaller festivals, Matthias Karle left Rebellion and is now replaced by Timo Schneider on drums.

Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen., Balingen