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ROMUALD KRĘŻEL is an independent theatre and performance maker, coming from Poland, based in Berlin. He creates different contemporary theatre forms including classical theatre pieces, different forms of performances and choreographies.

He collaborated with Markus Öhrn, Oliver Frljić, Monica Duncan, Emmilou Rößling, Komuna//Warszawa, K.A.U. collective. His works have been already presented in different theatre and performing art festivals in Europe (Goethe Festwoche 2016 in Frankfurt; Festival der Jungen Talente 2016 in Frankfurt, Spielart Festival in Munich 2015, Golden Mask 2014 in Moscov, Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, Sibiu International Festival 2012, 4th International Festival “Divine Comedy” in Kraków, 2nd International Gdansk Dance Festival).

Romuald is currently finishing his studies in the international Master Programme Choreography and Performance at the the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen.

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