SAN2 & His Soul Patrol Tickets - Offenburg, Salmen Offenburg

Freitag, den 05. April 2019
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Lange Straße 52,
77652 Offenburg
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Veranstalter: Kulturbüro Offenburg (Kontakt)

ab 17,50 EUR und Ermäßigungen
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Bild: San2 & His Soul Patrol
SAN2 & HIS SOUL PATROL - Tour 2019
San2 belongs to the next generation of entertainers and passionately authentic musicians, and builds a bridge between Rhythm & Blues and pop. What Jamie Cullum achieved over the past years in Jazz, is what San2 wants to prove possible with Blues, and even though he's a newcomer on the scene, his fan-base is growing at a fast pace. The press describes him as "fantastic new Soul voice" and his live show is "pure dynamite"! His harmonica playing gets praise with words like "San2 has very unique, powerful tone - both acoustic and amplified". In 2012 he was affiliated by HOHNER to their group of best European harmonica players.