Sziget Citypass - CITYPASS für 2 Tage Tickets - Budapest, Obudai Island

Samstag, den 05. August 2017
bis Donnerstag, den 17. August 2017
1033 Budapest
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Veranstalter: Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Kft. (Kontakt)

Das Ticket ist vom Tag des Einlösens bis zum Ende des darauf folgenden Tages gültig.

The ticket holder agrees to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Sziget Cultural Management Ltd, the Festival Visitor Policy and, in case of purchasing an additional product or service, the general terms and conditions of the additional product or service, all available at
ab 16,00 EUR
Weitersagen und mit Freunden teilen
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Citypass für 2 Tage: Das Ticket ist vom Tag des Einlösens bis zum Ende des darauf folgenden Tages gültig.

When exchanging the ticket to a wristband you will also get a coupon that you can use for a one-time entry at a spa of your choice that is operated by Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt. Please make sure you received your coupon when exchanging the ticket!

Exchange points (voucher to Citypass wristband):
At the ticket points at Sziget entrance, at Akvárium Klub (Erzsébet Square), at the Sziget ticket sales point, at the tourist information office at Keleti Railway Station (Eastern Railway Station), Liszt Ferenc Airport. For more info go to:

CITYPASS services are provided by third parties and not by Sziget Ltd. Your use of CITYPASS services shall be governed by the terms and conditions of these third parties. Sziget Ltd does not bear any liability in connection with CITYPASS services, and you may not make any claim against Sziget Ltd with regard to such services.

2 Days

Obudai Island, Budapest