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The Audience

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"There’s no Michelangelo coming from Pittsburgh", Andy Warhol once replied to the question of why he chose New York as his new hometown. He explained how he targeted the pulse of this world-class metropolis with each inspirational moment of the grand city, which in his opinion, was crucial for producing any great artistic feat. Had this ingenious albino known about the small Frankish, 12,000 strong community of Hersbruck, he would have had to partially revise this statement. Furthermore, the artist collective, Silver Factory, might have had their lunch in the shadows of the Hersbruck castle towers instead of between the skyscrapers of 47th street. Whether the Velvet Underground banana would have mutated into a potato would only be pure speculation. What is proven though is that this small city east of Nürnberg has an abnormally high percentage of rock musicians even without the famous painters or music producers. Therein also lies the presumption that behind the most known representatives of the Hersbrucker music culture, like The Robocop Kraus, The Plane Is On Fire, Yucca or Hidalgo, a high number of unreported cases of bands are still in hiding, who rather deny their origins due to the reasons precisely described by Andy. Not so with THE AUDIENCE – since everything about this youngest sprout of Germany’s secret rock capital is understatement.