The Great Hollow Tickets - Balingen, Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen.

Samstag, den 26. August 2017
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Viehmarktplatz 8,
72336 Balingen
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The Great Hollow

Bild: The Great Hollow
The Great Hollow arised at end of 2013 when Maksim, former guitarist of Dodge City was searching for new paths to discharge his musical perception. After serveral jammings with Andy (guitarist of the band Mass Casualty Incident), Alexander and Marcel (Drummer and Bassist of the split band Prototype of Agony), and the final join of vocal Heiko (Left for Dead) the seed was sown to grow an enchaining mix of bouncing rhythms, drifty melodies and a bone smashing roar which will rearrange your mind and face. In March 2015 Maksim left the band and was replaced by Michael "Mig" Bukmaier the former guitarist of the band Left for Dead.

Sonnenkeller. Live Club. Balingen., Balingen