Time Warp Mannheim 2019 Tickets - Mannheim, Maimarkthalle Mannheim

Samstag, den 06. April 2019
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr
Xaver-Fuhr-Straße 101,
68163 Mannheim
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Bild: Time Warp

So here we are still after all those years with the same passion and energy. It has been a long, crazy, emotional ride with unique encounters and endless memories. The first 25 years have led us to various cities, countries and continents. From 1994 onwards, our journey has
been driven by our true love for electronic music.

On April 6th 2019, we will celebrate our 25 Years anniversary party in Mannheim,
and we invite you to join us! We will do what we do best: make you dance!

We will once again create the space known as Time Warp. Complete with it´s various floors,
all of which will have their own special energy circling around, grabbing you to the dancefloor. Each with its own distinctive synthesis of sound and visuals, to enhance your Time Warp experience.

We are very much looking forward to seeing longtime artist companions, breakthrough talent acquaintances and fans from all over the world. We will celebrate what brought us together in the first place: Electronic Music.

Thanks to our passionate team, the inspiring artists and most of all you our loyal and incredible fans!

As Carl Cox once said: Time Warp is for the long haul, not for the short haul.
See you for some incredible 19 hours of music and the most intense night of the year!

Short version:

Visuals, sound, pure techno - that has been the Time Warp DNA since 1994. This year we celebrate 25 years of uncompromised festival culture. 19 hours of party pleasures, delivered by some of the greatest names in the techno scene. Brand-new floor designs and the usual Time Warp-quality sound systems make this year an essential date in the calendar. Celebrate with us and experience Time Warp like never before - get your tickets now!

Artist Quotes from the TW Book

Sven Väth Statement:
• TW always makes you want to stay a little longer
• Passion, Awareness, pioneering spirit
• USP is the love that goes into it, big family gathering, happy to see everyone
• At TW we feel we are one

Carl Cox Statement:
• Its not just about the music anymore, it’s about the way it makes you feel, how it affects your emotions
• At TW the lightning is all about how you move the mood of the night, based on the music being played
• People know when you go for Time Warp you are there for the long haul, not for the short haul
• In this event we are all headliners… and everyone that comes here is here for the music, that’s something TW has been able to portray from day one
• There is such an intensity at TW
• TW is the complete opposite of pop culture. And we have to have at least one festival that actually stands for the music for what it is and for the people who get behind that music
• And that’s what so great about TW because when you go to any of the rooms, big or small, the atmosphere and the sound stay within that room all of the time.

Laurent Garnier
• Time Warp is today the only rave that kept the true spirit of what Raves was
• There was a lot of passion and you could feel it
• These guys are doing it for the right reason
• Carl Cox about LG: in Laurent’s room you have no idea and you never know what he’s about to create. And that’s one more really special thing about Time Warp.
• You have to go through TW to have a good year
• Its like a celebration, it charges the batteries
• It’s the meeting thing
• For me TW is a rave. I still see it as a rave not a festival. TW is based on making people dance
• There are very few raves left and this is the original one
• Its one of the only places where everybody’s happy to be there. Its fuill of love. And the staff are amazing.

Richie Hawtin
• It sets the momentum for me as a dj for the rest of the year
• It’s the moment when all the crowd coming together after the winter
• It has the potential to be something truly unique and special every year because of the collection of people who are there
• It brings you back to those moments of the early scene when the scene wasn’t so big
• We have a common interest: to present music in the best way and to create an experience that was unlike anything else out there. That’s why people came to Time Warp, not just because of the line up, not just because of the music they’ll hear but because they know the room is going to feel special, there is attention to the detail in lightning, in the sound and its going to be an incredible experience year after year after year after year.
• TW has become something special and unique. Its about the people behind the scenes giving all their energy.
• TW is bringing a crazy group of people together to celebrate what brought us together in the first place – electronic music!
Bild: Maimarkthalle Mannheim

Die Maimarkthalle bietet dem Veranstalter jeden Freiraum in der Nutzung und Gestaltung: Die Deckenkonstruktion spannt frei tragend über 6.550 m². Weder gibt es Einschränkungen durch feste Sitzreihen noch andere Hindernisse. Kameras können frei bewegt werden. Technik von der Beschallung über die Bestuhlung bis zur Verdunkelung wird auf Wunsch gestellt. Die rund 8.000 m² große Maimarkthalle ist über ein Foyer direkt mit dem 1.500 m² großen Maimarktclub verbunden.
(Text & Bild: maimarktgelaende.de)