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OOK SMASH - Europe 2016

At the core of VENOMOUS CONCEPT you will find BRUTAL TRUTH vocalist Kevin Sharp and Shane Embury, the iconic bass guitarist of NAPALM DEATH. The two musicians had bonded over beer and pizza as well as their mutual love of such punk heroes such as Black Flag, Systematic Death, GBH, SIEGE, and of course the aforementioned POISON IDEA.

VENOMOUS CONCEPT recorded a new album during 2014, which sees the band continue in their trademark hardcore punk meets grind styles - with the added bonus of compositions by Lilker and Cooke. You will find these fire-starters branching out dynamically in order to perfect their art of grinding rock!

Kevin Sharp - vocals (Brutal Truth, Primate)
Shane Embury - guitar/vocals (Napalm Death, Brujeria, Lock Up)
Johnny Cheeseburger - guitar (Corrupt Moral Altar, Malevolent Creation)
Dan Lilker - bass/vocals (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax)
Danny Herrera - drums and blast beats (Napalm Death)