Bild: lillenorge FestivalBild: lillenorge Festival
Tickets für das lillenorge Festival vom 18.05.-20.05.2018. Karten jetzt im Vorverkauf sichern und norwegische- und deutsche Künstler gemeinsam erleben! weitere Infos

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lillenorge Festival

A genre-free musical journey

lillenorge (‘Little Norway’ in Norwegian) was founded on the idea to build a creative platform for the Norwegian culture and artists beyond the limits of its borders. The first festival was held in 2016 in Berlin, Germany with the foremost aim to encourage encounters and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Through close collaborations among acclaimed musicians from both countries, the festival strives to tear down the walls between different genres of music and present them in one musical language. It is our belief that opportunities to experience different musical expressions within the same performance will provide broader, more rewarding concert experiences that can cultivate a new audience and stimulate the existing one. (Quelle Text: | AD ticket GmbH, Quelle Bild: Felix Broede)